What would your life be like if you knew God Loves You

What would your ,love be like if you knew god loved you .. the saysing you are what you love and you love whatever you give your attention to comes to mind .. Do you know that god loves you no matter where you are at without judgment >? Do you belive that ? Sound Off!!

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Does God Love Me or You?

I used to know God did, because I became IT, and I taught this “truth” for most of my life.

In the positive, this concept helped me and others weather the storms. The negative side was the depths of suffering before remembering this fully and turning the corner back to the positive. Knowing this is true is a huge step to becoming real - right before dropping it altogether.

During this period of loving God, being loved by God, and loving all others as we ARE ALL God as much as humanly possible, I became the living embodiment of this. Within meditative practices, I even explosively entered into becoming completely PURE WHITE LIGHT LOVE, twice in my life. I described it at the time as exaltedly better than 1,000 orgasms that would not stop. The most elusive rarest... sweetest... un-describable... The ultimate human experience, I thought at the time, TWICE!

But even after this amazing incomprehensible ultimate high experience totally changing my whole inner and outer life forever, twice, even this faded in time eventually. So I knew it was a mind emotion. I knew there was "more real." Somewhere...

I eventually found the "more" I always knew existed, but I did not know where or how to access IT, as IT is being ONLY our true lives as Pure Spirit in SOURCE - Here and Now - unencumbered, "above," "outside," or "beyond" the artificial holographic duality in space and time ET programming weighing down all humans trapped in this darkness.

We are so programmed into being in time, and away from our true PEACE, that we do not even know we are completely hypnotized before, during and after birth and the afterlife! And, I discovered, as part of the programming keeping us from discovering it is already in us, most will fight strongly to say they are NOT programmed. NOT controlled.

I used to believe and say this strongly myself. But I was. Now I know the very real difference, between being mind always controlled and it being a pesky annoyance. For this revelation I give thanks to years of clearing away of so many unwanted mind layered programs the LIGHT Beings and Ron Amitron have relieved me of. This includes my previous addiction to sticky sweet heavy LOVE emotions programming.

There are no words to describe this simpler lighter clearer consciousness beyond mind, but with my doing the work, the worst of the cloud of human programming was eventually cleared away enough from me to have the majority of my Spirit return to my body, after IT had long been drained away by the trauma and sufferings and excesses of normal human life.

Being human, with imprinted and implanted human ancestral DNA, and coming into this body under the ET policing of all duality energies on the planet, I found that I alone was unable to shake off enough mind control to experience myself unencumbered. Humans are simply ALL too programmed to STAY in the artificially created lower time and dimension consciousness field. So, without help, we're sunk. Powerless. Helpless. No matter how we feel or think. If you cannot see beyond the programming, If you cannot see outside of time or duality or dimension, you will never admit to anything else existing. Everything you know and see and believe is within the prison you do NOT know exists that you carry around with you.

I quietly explored consciousness so much that I became what most search for, and experienced what some may call a form of being "enlightened," but found it a form of programming nonetheless. I reached the back or top wall of human consciousness, the end of the line. I knew I had to bring a more aware and totally unencumbered gradient of consciousness to bear inside me. Not using a programmed in time guru from here - but someone better from someplace CLEAN (where we originally came from) if I was to ever get out.

I understand my past few years' healings/clearings were due to the influx of SOURCE LIGHT directly into my heart, brought to me by the LIGHT BEINGS that were able to do so only because they do not live in time as we do. They have no mind, no emotion, no programming. CLEAR LIGHT. They do not judge, and they do not want worship. They are only here to preserve as many Spirits from being dissipated away into darkness as possible.

After the Creation Lightship clearing me of enough multiple artificiality inserted into me programmings, I found that Love, even Profound Ecstatic Highest God Love, is still an emotion. A very high, the highest, but still a mind trap.

What I always knew, but did not know or remember, due to the ET memory and Chakra wipes performed on all humans over time, was that in our true SPIRIT form, in our home in the UNIVERSE of TRUE LIGHT above all dimensionality and time, we have no emotions. We are LIGHT ITSELF and never judging. To have emotion we have to judge, good or bad, happy or sad. When there, the real here, we only live in the NOW. Worry of the past or future or now does not exist.

Now that I know and am and live this clearer state more often, as much as possible while still encumbered with attached mind, I have much more clear free space within me. The old chronic fears, depressions, etc. are gone. No longer do the dualities and judgments with their the highs and lows of emotion hold sway in my life to such an all-controlling extent as before.

One thing I know for sure, is there is NO God of judgment, or one requiring worship. There are only hiding ET gods posing as God that want to have us to do such – so they can suck up our prayer and worship and emotion and mental energies to live off - and control us with.

The "God Loves Me" and "I Love God" and “I Love Everyone As God” super sweet powerful energies of judgment (Does He, She, or It Love Me? Do I Love Enough? How much? = ALL judgment) have become replaced with a profound feeling of PEACE at all times instead - as programming is stripped away, stripped away.

This is explained by words such as instead of needing IT, I become IT. I always have been IT. I like this way much better as the mind control emotions installed in humans by slaver ETs affect, but are no longer running my life, instead, I AM.

I do know that GOD Loves me without fail, judgement or lapse.  It is not something I can prove. It is a "knowing" and it is amazing know that no matter what is going on around me, deep within me, GOD  is present in every moment.  GOD is not out there somewhere and is not for some and not for others. You may call GOD by any name but the journey all ways (not a typo) leads home.  And GOD is always unconditional LOVE. 

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