Becoming aware of our highest priority at this time is the finding ways to increase "Equality"

Practical non-violent ways that can only come about through awareness of our inequality, and what people willing wanting to work together, what they can choose to do to change our world to be a better place to be.

First by Forming your own small Golden Rule group or groups and finding ways to network with other such groups to break the monopoly of less than 2% controlling over 90% of our economy as well as our worlds resources meant for all. Leaving over half our world on starvation diets of one or less meals a day, Where up to 25,000 children starve daily and millions go to bed hungry.

Where 70% of all young people who are unable to learn even to read and write because they must go to work, rather than go to school. 

Not to mention the need to end discrimination for the female half of God's Image!

Anyone interested in increasing our world's equal rights equal respect, equal opportunity? 

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