Righ or Wrong Good or Bad is there a Such Thing?

Something That I've been struggling with is Right vers Wrong Bad vers Good...  Its been on my mind for sometime and I realized How hard I am on myself with weather an action was right/wrong/good/bad ~ So hard on myself to the point I was just so depressed and couldn't believe what a looser i was...  Thinking omg did I seriously just say that!!  Or oh my did I have 3 glasses of wine.... Or think gosh I should had stuck up for myself and not had just sat there!!! 

Well after a year of judging myself; I realized what a mess I am!!

For this day forward i judge Nothing that occurs and I love and accept myself for who and what I am!

Has anyone else wen thru this?


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Yes, by all means I've gone through the same thing.  Until I dropped the right/wrong bit, the polarity/duality bit and chose to concentrate on what is Loving, instead of what may be considered right/wrong.

Who says what we have come to accept as 'right' is Loving?

I believe there is no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong, it's all a change in perspective. If we speak from our heart and we believe what we say to be true then it is until a shift comes and changes our view. This is something I was just musing on a few weeks ago.

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