Transfer of appropriate technologies for greater development

A suitable extension system must be developed on a statewide basis to transfer the results of research and development from the lab to the land.  Prototypes, models and demonstrations, low cost housing projects, and pilot plants for training and demonstration of production of new and substitute materials at lower costs are necessary to promote the adoption of appropriate technologies.  The National Building Organization (NBO) and the Government of India have done commendable work in this field.
Technical advice and proper guidance must be given to the prospective house-builders operating in both the rural and urban areas.  It will help them to build durable houses at lower costs.  To disseminate the necessary information seminars and workshops must be organized.  Development of a housing and building industry in modern industrial lines is also to be brought about to achieve economy, quality and speed in housing construction.  The NBO and its 15 Regional Housing Development Centers are engaged in such activities.
 Houses in Kerala has been built mostly using the traditional methods of housing construction till recent times.  The traditional house building methodology followed in the state since time immemorial is an eco-friendly model even though its construction is a little bit costly in modern times due to the non-availability of the traditional building materials.  Even though it may cost less to build such a house, the recurring costs will be heavy.  For example, in the case of a thatched house, the roofing will have to be redone on an annual basis, which is a laborious process.
The low cost housing model promoted by the NBO and other organizations do have many takers in modern times, mainly due to the continuous increase in the cost of the essential building materials.  It may be noted here that low cost does not mean poor quality.  Efforts are being made to keep the quality, even when the input costs are reduced.  

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