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We know what is important to have a successful radio show.  


So we've put together a stellar package to ensure

CTR Hosts have everything they need to succeed.


Now it's up to you...


Are you ready to do what it takes?


  • Are you ready to take action in expanding your brand?
  • Are you ready to share your knowledge and wisdom and be heard?
  • Are you ready to be the next major Influencer in your field?
  • Are you ready to be promoted on a large scale to an already existing large national and international audience?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we want to talk with you!

The Contact Talk Radio Network has an amazing team with over 30+ years of combined experience that will help you strategize and position yourself as an authority in your field.


Learn from mavericks that turned a one hour a week show into the first of its kind full service 24/7 personal improvement broadcasting network known around the world.


The CTR Network not only hooks you up to an already existing and continually expanding audience, Founders Cameron Steele and Lucia Steele also teach you the tools to succeed on and off air!


“I was literally asking the universe for my next big step in life to show up 

when I received the hosting information from CTR network. Being a host on

this network has catapulted my career forward in a myriad of ways. It has

given me tremendous exposure to my perfect market, and allowed me to

share the message of sexual healing and awareness to a world-wide audience.

It has given me a greater sense of competence, clarity and empowerment.

If you want to take a quantum leap to your next level of accomplishment in life,

I highly recommend jumping on board!”


Devi Ward LLC

Host of Better Love & Sex
Tantra, Sexual Healing & Empowerment For Women


CTR Network offers a highly trained professional team to produce, broadcast, podcast and syndicate your show… Cameron and Lucia also have distilled their knowledge in an exciting format propelling you and your message far and beyond just going it alone!

You will learn: 

  • How to Sound Amazing On Air No Matter What!
  • How to Refining Your Message for Major Impact!
  • How to Breaking Through Business Barriers
  • and how to Monetizing Your Show

Cameron and Lucia help you strategize your next big move into media and are committed to helping you and your business to flourish and thrive!


It’s really up to you… do you have what it takes to take your business to the next level?

Call us for a consultation to assess if it’s the right step for you. Hosting your own radio show is not for everyone, so I would love to talk with you and discuss your path and your options.


Make a courageous move toward your spotlight and call Cameron at +1.425.221.3646, or email him at to schedule a consultation. We look forward in supporting and nurturing what you've come here to share with the world.

What Hosts Are Saying

"Contact Talk Radio was the right choice: when I sought to broaden my reach from static online website based media: to live interactive radio.  The detailed initial setup documents they provided: along with scheduled talk-through calls with station owner Cameron Steele, made expanding into the medium of radio: far easier and faster: than it would have otherwise been.  Their team is talented, timely and professional: while also being incredibly dedicated to the quality of your show and the network as a whole…And that in my book: is a winning recipe for success.”


"An ongoing challenge for any business, large, small and even if it’s just one-person, is to figure out how to reach customers... Radio offers that. Radio makes it possible to target customers by demographics, get up close and personal with them, brand your products and services effectively, and provides quality feedback on what works and what doesn't so you can become and remain competitive. I've been a radio show host on Contact Talk Radio for three years and it has helped me grow my client base significantly and increase my revenue each year."

Carol Ritberger – The Carol Ritberger Show


"After testing the radio waters by being a guest on numerous other shows, I decided to take the leap to having my own show. I've been on air for about a year now. My radio show "Ask Sara" on CTR has allowed me to connect with fans and followers in a personal, immediate and long-lasting way. The value of the live show with the CTR reach,  and the free podcast has been an absolute success for my practice and my work. I've never looked back!"

Sara Wiseman, author of Becoming Your Best Self, Writing the Divine and Your Psychic Child


"CTR is an innovator in service to the greater good. Cameron and Lucia live up to their commitment to make this the best station for both hosts and listeners."

Elese Coit-A NEw Way to Handle Absolutely Everything

"CTR is unique. Cameron and Lucia are dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of conscious living. They are helpful with marketing tips and suggestions and always available for a consult. I'm glad to be working with them and hope to continue our connection for a long time to come."

Carol Marleigh Kline

Author of Streetwise Spirituality: 28 Days to Inner Fitness and Everyday Enlightenment

Host of "Streetwise Spirituality"


"CTR is a joy to work with.  It is a radio station with high quality programming of like-minded shows and in true alignment with it's motto "Consciousness in Action".  In my time of having a show on their station, I've been interviewed on other shows on other stations and none have impressed me as has CTR.  From the professionalism behind-the-scenes to the wonderful community of listeners, CTR is head and shoulders above the rest!"

Rev. Joan Newcomb, CPC
Host, "Adventures In Density & Effort" 


The Package


Distributed: Online at iTunes Radio (listed under CNN News) or ANY internet radio toolbar or dashboard by using this iPhone App, Zeno Radio Mobile Network. 


Podcasted: through iTunes and Internationally Syndicated through RSS feed to all web portals (or news aggregators) such as Google and MyYahoo.

Start Date: 4 weeks after entering agreement.

What’s Included:

  • Scheduled 1 on 1 Media Strategy Sessions with Cameron Steele & Lucia Steele
  • 3 weeks of Radio Host training (one hour per week apporx.)
  • 1 weekly or biweekly broadcasting block time (56 minutes) 
  • Host Web Page
  • Syndication through Podcast of all shows
  • Archive of all shows
  • Live Producer
  • Caller Screening
  • Professional production of show, commercial spots and pre-records
  • Press Release to CTR database (you write the PR)
  • Chatroom to connect to Listeners.
  • Event Listings
  • Your own Blog
  • Continued Technical Client Care
  • pre-recorded shows if needed

We also provide you with all of the materials you need to help you "GO LIVE!" with confidence!

CTR is not just your everyday radio station where they give you the mic and you sink or swim. The owners of CTR are committed to your success and have put together a comprehensive training intensive complete with templates, scripts and things you never thought you would need for a successful show so you don't have to struggle. And for the seasoned Host that's simply looking for a new home for your show, Cameron and Lucia have will help you refine your message for greater impact and help you with blocks that are keeping you from reaching your next level!

Call +1.425.221.3646 or email NOW!


▪ How do I become a Host? 


Call +1.425.221.3646 or send an email to 

▪ Is there a fee? 


There is an investment in hosting your own show on the CTR Network. The extent of the investment is determined by which package best suits your needs. The investment can be paid in full or a monthly payment can be offered. All packages are a minimum of a 6 month commitment. Call +1.425.221.3646 for more information on the various packages offered.

Do I own my show and its contents?


▪ How long is my show?


56 minutes.

▪ Where are you studios located?


Bellevue, Washington.

▪ Can I do my show from anywhere?


Yes. All you need is a good land line phone or Skype. We also have Pots Codec lines.

▪ Can I choose my own time?


Yes, if that time is available.

▪ Do I need special equipment?


No, just a good landline telephone with a quality headset and a decent computer to use Skype.

▪ How many listeners does CTR have?


An overall count of about a million listeners a month between all the live shows and podcasts and archives. We track live listeners online which average about 15,000 a day. Upon request we can track live listeners to your show.

▪ Is there a fee for listeners?


No.  Streaming is completely free to those who want to listen.

▪ How do people find out about my show?


Through various marketing publications, social media outlets, in house commercials and any marketing you do outside of the station yourself. The CTR Network offers in-depth media strategy sessions to help you maximize your exposure and message effectiveness. 

▪ Will I have live listeners?


From the moment you go LIVE, the stage is set and an audience is there.

▪ How many listeners can I have?


As many as can listen on the internet or smart phone.

▪ How do people listen to my show?


Through iTunes Podcast, iTunes Radio,  our website, on with any phone, or you can use the iPhone app or for Android  and zeno radio

▪ Can I take live callers?


Yes, we have a toll free line for callers to call in on.

▪ Will I know where my callers are coming from?


Yes.  The board ops always ask where listeners are calling from.

▪ Can I track who’s listening?


Yes (to a degree).  We can track how many and from what country we also track how many LIVE listeners you have and how many subscribers you have.

▪ What is the Chatroom for?


To connect and talk with your listeners and the board op for LIVE support.

▪ What is the forum for?


To connect with your listeners or submit articles for discussion.

▪ I don’t have my own website.


Having your own website is a big part of being able to market your show, but we do create a web page for you on our site and it is setup for social networking with Facebook and twitter and many other social networks.

▪ How do I update my web page?


You are given a username and password once your page is created by CTR and you will be able to update yourself

▪ Can I have commercials?


Yes. Your time is for promoting you, your guests and your sponsors. We do not play any commercials on your independent show unless you specify.

▪ How do I get a copy of my shows?


We will supply a link that you can download.

▪ Do you archive my shows?


We a link is provided for listeners to access on your Host Page. We also provide a link to your archives from our server for you to download. Strategies are shared to optimize those links in your business.

▪ How long do my archives stay on the CTR server?



▪ Do you podcast?


Yes. Your podcast is listed on iTunes and can be listened to in other podcast programs as well.

▪ What if my guest can’t make the time my show airs?


You can set up a time to pre-record the show with your board op. (Note: additional fees may apply) inquire to 425-221-3646 on more info on this

▪ What if I need help with my show?


We offer solid support on multiple levels of your media and broadcasting experience with the CTR Network. Cameron and Lucia guide you through media strategies to position you and your show in the best possible light. Also, we offer technical support for live and recorded broadcasting of your show.  All questions should be directed to Cameron Steele.

▪ What is a Sponsor?


Someone who buys ads from you to support your show.

▪ Will you help me find Sponsors?


Yes. You will receive in depth support through your media strategy sessions that include "How to Find Sponsors" and much more.

▪ Do you support my Sponsors?


Yes. We have a Sponsors page and we will record your sponsors commercial. (Note: for commercials, additional fees may apply)

For more information:

Call us at +1.425.221.3646

or email us at


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