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“Without CTR as our means of advertising we would not have been able to open the film What The Bleep do we Know as soon as we had in Seattle and Phoenix and it ran for 36 weeks in Seattle”

- Directors of "What the Bleep Do We Know"

Mark Vicenti, Will Arnet and Betsy Chase







“Listen to my good friends at CONTACT Talk Radio. They're not just doing some good work out there, they’re doing great work out there! They are Chicken Soup for my soul!”

- Mark Victor Hansen “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series








“In several of the meetings it was a 50% turnout from the radio and the overall success of the final weekend seminar was doubled to what we had expected.”

- Dr. Richard Bartlett

Matrix Energetix







“Calls for our product and sales at various retail stores have increased significantly due to advertising on CONTACT Talk Radio.”

- Dr.Cass Ingram

North American Herb and Spice












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