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Show Airs Every Wednesday at 10 AM PT

With Michelle

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Want to be inspired by wisdom, hear wisdom and ultimately act on wisdom?

Tune in to Michelle every Wednesday at 10 am (PST), as she offers her knowledge of what it takes to find that wisdom in you. Listen to what ‘Source’ tells her about how to deepen and evolve your spirituality. You can even join in the conversation as she opens the lines for questions about the subject she’s introduced or questions on a particular concern you are living.  Answers from ‘Source’, her source, or from her own integrated wisdom, are intriguing in the simple knowledge that is imparted.


Every week, Michelle’s goal is to inspire you to find that wisdom in yourself.  Work with her during the show, possibly experience new shifts and open further to yourself as she encourages this internal exploration to find the treasure of your depth.  


Enjoy the variety, and experience Michelle in her articulate, warm and loving manner, as she discusses with you and interacts with her audience.


“Dig deep enough and you can find yourself in a new universe where TRUTH resides and dimensions collide.  There is opening to Light, the essence of all Knowledge, overflowing Wisdom.  So grand is the view and so powerful is its extension, that we seldom allow ourselves to go so far beyond, so deep within.  Begin here, at the doorstep of the Self, to journey towards this Wisdom.  Reaching it, we realize it was always there, waiting for our use.”

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Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

Alternate Realms and Dimensions Deepening our Spirituality at CTR Network

January 18, 2017 from 10am to 11am
How can you further your consciousness to open to the fullness of universal consciousness? Michelle discusses her many experiences of other realms over the years. These many dimensions involve visions, angelic and spiritual beings, consciousness in other forms, and parallel dimensions. She relates to you, the understanding she has as to how they have expanded and enhanced her depth of spirituality. What does it mean to solidify your spirituality, living in the openness to all realms and…See More
Jan 17
Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

Teeter Tottering in Self Realization at CTR Network

January 11, 2017 from 10am to 11am
Be in the simplicity of your own life. Have your ups and downs with it’s many gyrations. Feel the crazies and live in the joys but always acknowledge your deepest self, Spirit or life itself, is experiencing this. Seek the highest in all areas of your life and yet let go of the controls. Can you allow the evolution of your spiritual, move at its own pace? Find out how Michelle’s resolution to spiritual opening continues in her life and what she’s learning as she teeters from Love to Wisdom.See More
Jan 10
Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

Spiritual Opening as my Resolution at CTR Network

January 4, 2017 from 10am to 11am
It’s so easy to identify the accomplishments and improvements we wish to attain. We often look at all aspects of our lives. But what of our basic essence? That invisible essence of life is constantly with us, yet we are largely unaware of it. It moves with us as “life” itself. How do we improve that? .... We don’t! We open to it! We let that spirit essence reveal its wisdom as it relates to our living. How do we open to it so it can teach us? Let’s explore that opening together!See More
Jan 3
Show/Events posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST
Dec 20, 2016
Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

Conscious Intimate Relationships at CTR network

December 14, 2016 from 10am to 12pm
We may be wanting to attract a partner to share life with, be living in a full loving relationship or even in a difficult relationship  We may be letting go of a recent relationship.  How do we live within these intimate relationships or lack of, in consciousness?  Are there ways to break free from the tumultuous roller coaster our emotions ride on, when it comes to the closest relationships of our lives?  Can we love, be real and be connected or even disconnected with that person and be true…See More
Dec 13, 2016
Michelle Vezeau - HOST updated their profile
Dec 12, 2016
Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

"That Special Person" at CTR Network

December 7, 2016 from 10am to 11am
Do we pay attention to the most important person in the world to us? The person that makes all our decisions, comes up with the guidance needed, and supports our every move.    How do we relate to that person, view them, acknowledge them, and most importantly, live with them? That person is mine to the end, even forever. That person is “ME”.  Let’s create that amazing relationship we deserve. A loving, kind and fun relationship with “ME”.  Possible? Of course!See More
Dec 5, 2016
Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

Bringing Consciousness into Relationships at http://ctrnetwork.com

November 30, 2016 from 10am to 11am
Let’s talk about Conscious Relationships but first let’s get clear as to how we relate to others and why.  How we are communicating can open people up to us or close them down.  We can consciously create better relationships with all people we come into contact with?  What makes a relationship go right and what makes it go wrong?  Learn to live within the purpose of any relationship but especially learn to be conscious interacting with the relationships we have.     See More
Nov 29, 2016
Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

The Joy of Emotions at CTR Network

November 23, 2016 from 10am to 11am
Why does the Spiritual call emotions into play when it expresses wisdom it has about life? This week learn the ability to manage your own emotions in a way that offers you strength to live grounded and joyful. Experience the many emotions filled with joy. Be prepared to be open to a special challenge you most probably will find insightful. And REMEMBER you can ask Michelle your personal question by calling 1-844-390-8255 (regular charges apply) when she opens the lines to the audience.See More
Nov 21, 2016
Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

Consciousness Expanding Emotional Maturity at CTR Network

November 16, 2016 from 10am to 11am
What’s the difference between “being conscious” and “consciousness”?  We can be conscious of so many things in this world but we need consciousness to clarify our existence. A simple focus on ourselves can teach us so much about life, people and the many patterns in the world. In this podcast, we’ll consider focusing on our emotional makeup as it is so frequently denied or misunderstood.  It falls through the cracks of the unconscious as we pay so little attention to its value.  Through…See More
Nov 14, 2016
Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

Spirituality and Emotions at www.ctrnetwork.com

November 9, 2016 from 10am to 11am
Our spirituality is what we yearn for.  Yet, we so often lose sight of it, as we are taken over by emotions.  Where do we find spiritual truth in our awareness of these emotions?  How do we more easily recognise them? Be more attentive to what and how they teach?  Can this bring the possibility of resolving everyday difficult situations?  Learn how anger affects all emotion and how fear denies spiritual movement.  What about loneliness, enjoyment, overwhelm and satisfaction?And of course,…See More
Nov 7, 2016
Show/Event posted by Michelle Vezeau - HOST

Wisdom 101 at CTR Network

November 2, 2016 from 10am to 11am
We all want to be wise in our relationships, our work situations and day-to-day activities. Let's clarify what that wisdom is and how we come into it. Use a simple technique to excavate the revealing of what is so prevalent in us.  Be more informed as we discuss those areas where there is closure to our wisdom, denying our deeper experiences of spirituality.  There will also be an opportunity to call in to Michelle with your personal questions.  Come, listen and enjoy her first introductory…See More
Nov 2, 2016
Michelle Vezeau - HOST was featured
Oct 14, 2016
Michelle Vezeau - HOST is now a member of CTR Network - Internet Talk Radio
Oct 11, 2016

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