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Welcome, Dr. D'Eramo & Dr. Torres-Leon!

Show Airs Live Every Monday at 8:00 AM PST

Dr. Kim D'Eramo & Dr. Mario Torres-Leon


Join this husband and wife physician team, who teach the science behind what makes us well.  While the current medical model focuses on what makes you sick, the Thrive Doctors focus on what makes you well. This will be a life-enhancing hour guaranteed to enlighten and inspire you.  You’ll learn the latest breakthroughs in science and tools to apply them to your life now.


The Thrive Doctors are board-certified physicians who are also authors, speakers, coaches, and seminar leaders.  Dr Kim and Dr. Mario bring you leading experts in the fields of medicine and metaphysics to enhance your understanding of this powerful life force within and assist you in accessing it daily. 


Dr. Kim D’Eramo is board certified in Emergency Medicine and is the author of Ten Tips to Thriving: A Doctor’s Guide to Accessing Your Full Vitality.  She created an online course Empowerment for Total Wellness to bring you a deeper understanding of your physiologic system, and how to live in harmony with your true nature and thrive. 


Dr. Mario Torres-Leon is board certified in Interventional Radiology and has created the course:  Waking Up the CEO in You:  Strategies for a Lifetime of Success to teach how the strategies used by the most powerful leaders in the world can make you thrive in every area of your life.


Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario are passionate about changing the way medicine is practiced and creating a movement of thriving.  Listen each week to thrive in all aspects of your life and experience the vitality you are meant to live!



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Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

New Year, New You! Eat More, Lose Weight at Contact Talk Radio

December 30, 2014 from 8pm to 9pm
Are you ready to lose weight and love your body this year? It's time to create a whole new you!  Get slim, fit and energized. You can do this...while eating MORE, not less. By just adding a few key metabolism-boosting ingredients, and omitting this one toxic food substance, we've helped patients literally shed stubborn pounds in just a few weeks.Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario are co-founders of the Thrive Doctors and board certified physicians who help busy professionals get fit physically, mentally,…See More
Jan 2, 2014
The Thrive Doctors posted a video

Radio Show Better Brain Blueprint

Do you know that your mind sets the stage for the quality of your health, your relationships, your career, and even your wealth? Most of your life is on subc...
Dec 30, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

Better Brain Blueprint at Contact Talk Radio

December 23, 2013 from 8pm to 9pm
What if you could receive deeper information from your higher senses, putting you in touch with your deepest wisdom? Typically, we get our information through our 5 senses using our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. Our brain then processes and analyzes that information. Your brain is an amazing tool - it can store more information than all the servers on the planet! Yet, most of us haven't been taught how to use it to access our deepest wisdom.Dr. Robert Graykowski is a holistic chiropractor…See More
Dec 18, 2013
The Thrive Doctors posted a video

Radio Show "I'll Have What She's Having!"

If you're sacrificing what's really important for what you think you want, check in with this show! Vanessa Horn, MBA shares how she went from a life of anxi...
Dec 18, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

Holistic Success: The Mind-Body Connection at Contact Talk Radio

December 16, 2013 from 8am to 9am
Vanessa is a speaker, author and business coach helping principle-centered and heart-centered individuals build powerful platforms of inspiration and influence.  She is the founder of the Holistic Success Movement where she is raising up leaders to powerfully serve with purpose and integrate whole life + whole person principles for enriched lives, relationships and businesses.  Her proven system for business success is based on her Profit with Honor Sales System, where sales grow exponentially…See More
Dec 13, 2013
The Thrive Doctors posted videos
Dec 3, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

Go Gluten Free and Live the Difference! at Contact Talk Radio

December 9, 2013 from 8am to 9am
Did you know that your food may be to blame for illness? Even ordinary things like low energy, overweight, headaches and back pain, that wouldn't drive you to a doctor, can be attributed to certain substances in your diet that are easy to avoid. Wheat gluten is a big culprit. Find out why....Yvonne Williams is a self-made success as a leading entrepreneur in one of the most rapidly growing industries. That’s because she is driven by a passion. After the tragic loss of a friend’s daughter who…See More
Dec 2, 2013
The Thrive Doctors posted a video

Radical Honesty with Brad Blanton

Are you lying and you don't even know it? According to Dr. Brad Blanton, this is a major source of illness, pain, anxiety and depression. Join us to learn ho...
Nov 20, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

7-Steps to Healing Anything! at Contact Talk Radio

November 25, 2013 from 8am to 9am
Why do some people heal quickly while others experience chronic pain, illness and disease?  The National Institutes of Health reports that 90% of all visits to primary care doctors are for conditions related to emotional stress.  Because the rate of your healing is directly proportional to your mental and emotional state, if you are emotionally stressed, you limit your own natural healing process. Misa Hopkins is the author of the bestselling book, “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing…See More
Nov 20, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

Transform Your Health with Radical Honesty at Contact Talk Radio

November 18, 2013 from 8am to 9am
Did you know that not telling the truth is actually impacting your health?  When we hold feelings of hurt, anger, embarrassment, guilt and shame in the body, we set off the chemical reaction in the body that slows healing, speeds up the aging process and can create illness and disease. Brad Blanton PhD is a psychologist and author of seven books including, "Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Live By Telling The Truth".  He has appeared on hundreds of television shows, both in the US and…See More
Nov 11, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

Can Joy Heal? at Contact Talk Radio

November 11, 2013 from 8am to 9am
How you ever wondered why some people heal more quickly than others, or how some people are able to stop cancer dead in it’s tracks?! Being in a state of Joy can not only speed the healing process, it can reverse disease, slow the aging process, and lead to a much happier and productive life.Cynthia has written 4 books, was a professor, a dean of a college and achieved multimillionaire status before the age of 35.  After struggling through relationship turmoil and self worth issue herself, she…See More
Nov 7, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

Ancient Wisdom…The New Medicine of the 21st Century? at Contact Talk Radio

November 4, 2013 from 8am to 9am
Have you ever wondered what makes other forms of medicine so successful in cultures around the planet? The Thrive Doctors in their continuous commitment to elevating global health share with you how tools created in ancient times can enhance your body’s ability to heal, release stress, eradicate sleepless nights and awaken the healthy warrior within! This week we will look into reviving the old and showing how these techniques remain as powerful and effective today as they were in ancient…See More
Nov 1, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

Transform Your Life in 4 Minutes or Less at Contact Talk Radio

October 28, 2013 from 8am to 9am
Do you ever wish you had a key to release pain, frustration and struggle just at the moment when you need it most? The Thrive Doctors have the solution to release struggle and pain instantly, and they've been applying this to medicine with amazing results! The KEY to activating your body's ability to heal and create prosperity is to release the blocks that keep you from experiencing your natural state of Thriving. This tool is the next big innovation in medicine. In fact, Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario…See More
Oct 23, 2013
The Thrive Doctors posted a video

Miracle Morning with Hal Elrod

This week's show was with #1 bestselling author, Hal Elrod. He shared his 5-step super easy process for making every morning a miracle morning! Hal actually ...
Oct 21, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

What Doctors Don’t Tell You at Contact Talk Radio

October 21, 2013 from 8am to 9am
There are currently millions of documented studies where people have reversed a disease doctors told them was incurable. There are also thousands of clinical studies demonstrating the power of intention to heal another person, even when that person has no idea they are being sent an intention for healing. Clearly, there is more to healing than our current clinical model allows for.Lynne McTaggart is a pioneer in exploring our energetic connection with others and applying this science to…See More
Oct 15, 2013
Show/Event posted by The Thrive Doctors

How to Consistently Feel Amazing and Create Miracles! at Contact Talk Radio

October 14, 2013 from 8am to 9am
Hal Elrod is a living miracle. After a lethal car accident, Hal was successfully resuscitated, but told he would never walk again. He defied the odds and is now an ultra-marathoner, success coach, world-class professional speaker, and best-selling author. He came back from the dead to bring the world a powerful message about how live the life you have imagined. He joins The Thrive Doctors to show you how to create a miracle in your life every day.At age 20, Hal Elrod was in a fatal car…See More
Oct 14, 2013

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At 11:52am on August 5, 2013, Eddy said…

Hi my name is Eddy Hancock and I am a part of a service that helps connect a variety of people to AM radio. Our goal is to help people broadcast their service or product on our live AM radio show. We want to give you the opportunity to promote your medical methods through our radio station. If you are interested in our service you can visit our website at (it will give you basic instructions on how to use our service) or you can contact me at my email: below I listed a few benefits of our service:

-Good way to promote your radio show and collect a larger audience
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Thanks For Your Time

Eddy Hancock

At 7:41am on March 18, 2013, Lauran Star - HOST said…

Loving the show today!  Could not agree more on being present!

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How to Free Your Emotions and Get Out of Pain Now!

Posted on May 30, 2013 at 9:46am 0 Comments

Imagine being able to immediately unravel core patterns of illness and disease.  Your emotions and thoughts hold the key to allowing your health to be expressed.  The basis of all living things is pure energy.  Emotions are energy, thoughts are energy, our cells and our DNA is energy.  When we address pain and illness at the energetic level, we can very quickly reverse symptoms and develop optimum health.

With Special Guest: Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Nelson is a holistic…


Curing the Incurable Illness

Posted on May 24, 2013 at 1:54pm 0 Comments

Have you been told your disease is "incurable?" You may want to think again. Many practitioners are currently reversing chronic disease states in ways conventional medicine can only mitigate. For chronic illness in children, it is typically parents who are the strongest advocate. Some have even found solutions most doctors are unaware of.

This week, the Thrive Doctors host guests Dan and Sally Roman, parents who have gone to lengths in becoming educated about their child's chronic…


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