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Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking!

with Sheri Horn Hasan 

Interested in astrology and how it really works? Want to know the truth about astrology & your soul’s karmic evolution?

Join Sheri Horn Hasan of Karmic Evolution as she discusses, guides, teaches, enlightens, and inspires you to find out more about your own energetic make up on your road to greater consciousness…find out ways to unleash your intuitive and creative potential, regardless of in what direction this potential may lie…

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Astrology is not psychic nonsense or prediction. Rather, it’s a metaphysical tool that--in the hands of an experienced, professional, intuitive astrologer--can provide you with greater consciousness and continued soul growth.

Sheri seeks to inform us all—through astrological insight—how we may better our relationships, ascertain our true values, & find the courage to be who we truly came here to be...after all, isn’t that what life is really all about?

The reading of one’s chart often awakens an individual to his or her true potential and illustrates how the planetary energetic influences are designed by nature to help move you toward your highest destiny so you may live your life to its fullest potential!


In astrology, there is a wide range of ways in which the combination of energies may manifest after birth for any given individual. How we each choose to perceive and play out these different energetic patterns in our lives is completely dependent upon our perceptions about choice.

Astrology tells us we always have free will to choose our path forward and to manifest our energies at a higher vibrational level. Your natal horoscope, or birth chart, is like a blueprint for your soul, and can guide you to move forward with a better sense of direction…

When you use astrology to gain greater insight, you better understand yourself and the nature of the split between your psyche’s ego and unconscious. This, in turn, provides you an easier way to listen to--and really hear--what your soul needs to be truly happy.


Evolutionary astrology is about your soul’s past life karma and its attempt to evolve continuously through each new incarnation.


When one delves into one’s past life karma one thing becomes crystal clear: your soul has not lived one simple past life, but many!

When your soul passes from body to body into each new incarnation, often it retains the cellular memory of its previous physical bodies. Such cellular memory can stay with us—often it’s buried deep within our unconscious psyche!—and cause physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual pain in our current lifetime…

Astrology is simply one way to view your soul’s journey more clearly, to ascertain what derailed you in the past, and to decide in what direction you should be moving to live your life to its highest potential this time around. 

Discovering how to view your energetic patterns from different perspectives—ones you’ve never considered before—is the true gift of this metaphysical practice. What you learn may be vastly different from what your ego-oriented conscious brain thinks is your path to absolute happiness, and provide you the opportunity to change (or co-create) you future!


In the end, astrology can tell you more about three things:

  • Relationships/Partnerships: How you relate to others based on your values, style of communication, patterns of behavior due to past life karma, and ability to express your authentic self!  

  • Career: How to best utilize your strengths and talents moving forward, and how to keep what you know how to do best, but jettison any negative patterns that keep you stuck in the past!

  • Your Future: How you can best use your natal/birth energies to proactively direct yourself toward your true karmic destiny in this lifetime! (Hint: It involves the courage to get clear about your real values, engage in equal relationships that soothe your soul, & to express who you really are and who you came here to be...


The first key to self-awareness?

That's easy!: Self-compassion and forgiveness--necessary to use your energy to stand up and accept the honest, true, real you without shame, guilt, blame, or any other negatives you associate with your personal being and that hold you back from your soul’s true mission-- in order to be free, whole, and happy!

The goal is to accomplish freedom of expression (individuation), self-compassion, forgiveness, and self-love so that we may live our lives to their highest potential and ultimately find our way home through the stars…

See you on Thursdays @ 11:00 a.m. PST & 2:00 p.m. EST!


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What's Happening

Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Marlboro, NJ

June 22, 2017 from 11am to 12pm
Join Sheri Horn Hasan & professional astrologer Joseph Polise for this week’s astro-discussion of the Sun’s ingress into Cancer & the June 23 Cancer New Moon! What’s up for us all at this Cancer New Moon? Try the development of greater self-compassion! Aiding us is the trine Venus is making to Pluto, helping us to empower ourselves, as long as we don’t get carried away when Mars squares Jupiter shortly after…join the discussion about this and hear more about Joseph’s upcoming…See More
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at m

June 13, 2017 from 11am to 12pm Join Sheri Horn Hasan & her guests, relationship astrologers Margaret Gray & Armand Diaz, to help sort out what’s up with relationships as Neptune stations direct on June 16! Where have we been fantasizing about unconditional love & how can we be sure are our relationships based on reality? Are things likely to get more confusing in our partnerships or less? Where…See More
Jun 13
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Marlboro, NJ

June 7, 2017 from 11am to 2pm Join Karmic Evolution’s Sheri Horn Hasan & Guest Astrologer Eric Meyers of Soul Vision Consulting as they discuss the upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon & Jupiter’s station direct! The upcoming astro-weather also includes shifts into new signs this month for planets Mercury, Venus, & Mars—find out more about these energies & how they may affect you by tuning in or…See More
Jun 7
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Marlboro, NJ

June 1, 2017 from 11am to 2pm Thursday, June 1: Join Sheri Horn Hasan & Amazon #1 Bestseller Author, Psychic, & Spiritual Healer Heather Keay as they discuss psychic capabilities and how to identify these in your natal chart! What does being “psychic” mean? How can you recognize whether or not you carry some--or perhaps many--of these abilities? And if you do, are these positive or negative? How can…See More
May 31
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Marlboro, NJ

May 17, 2017 from 11am to 12pm
KARMIC EVOLUTION'S ASTROLOGICALLY SPEAKING! Join me tomorrow May 18 with guest astrologer Basil Farrington of New Way Astrology as we discuss Mercury in Taurus & the Sun's move into Gemini on May 20! Also, the nodal shift continues: is life fated or are we free to utilize the energies of the planets any way we choose? Can an astrologer…See More
May 18
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Marlboro, NJ

May 10, 2017 from 11am to 12pm
Join Sheri Horn Hasan tomorrow @ as she explains how Mercury’s meet up with Uranus—which may have brought us some shocking personal and/or political news recently!—combines with the May 10 Scorpio New Moon to help us better see & embrace our shadow side…where has the need for change been long overdue? What is it that must transform our tenacity and stubbornness so that we…See More
May 10
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Marlboro, NJ

May 4, 2017 from 11am to 12pm
LISTEN LIVE TODAY @ 11 AM PT, 2 PM ET as astrologer Sheri Horn Hasan discusses the impact of Mercury Retrograde's station direct yesterday & the shift of the Lunar Nodes into Aquarius & Leo! Where have you been traumatized & how can you learn to heal? How can you make a difference not just by being aligned with a collective cause but by shining your own true solar light into the world? Join us today or listen to the replay or podcast later! #Mercury retrograde, #station, #lunar…See More
May 4
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Marlboro, NJ

April 20, 2017 from 11am to 12pm
Tune in today live or listen to the recording later at Lots going on in the heavens, The Sun's now in Taurus and Pluto stations retrograde! Join me and guest, experienced astrologer Jacqueline Janes, as we discuss "humanistic" astrology and spiritual development! How can you use your own birth chart to grow in consciousness? What's going on now to help you move forward toward…See More
Apr 20
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Marlboro, NJ

April 13, 2017 from 11am to 12pm
Tune in today @ 11 am PT & 2 pm ET when I'm joined by psychic Linda Shields who'll be answering questions for those who call in (844) 390-8255! LISTEN LIVE HERE!: I'll be talking about psychic signatures in the astrological chart, and how to better recognize these in your own life! With Saturn, Mercury, & Venus all retrograde, it's…See More
Apr 13
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Marlboro, NJ

April 6, 2017 from 11am to 12pm
Interested in astrology? Want to know more about how the upcoming energies can influence your life? Join Sheri Horn Hasan and her guest, astrologer Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, as they discuss today's Saturn retrograde station, and the upcoming Mercury retrograde on April 9 & Libra Full Moon April 9-10, depending on your location! All of this against the backdrop of Jupiter retrograde and the Libra Moon opposite the Aries Sun spell relationships, relationships, relationships! Madalyn is also an…See More
Apr 6
Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST updated their profile
Apr 3
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking at Contact Talk Radio

March 30, 2017 from 11am to 12pm
Retrograde, retrograde, retrograde! Venus is still retrograde, but she’s moving back to the empathic sign of Pisces on April 2, where she’ll meet up with the wounded healer Chiron & begin to square authority figure Saturn just as he gets ready to backstroke through the heavens on April 6! Mercury follows him shortly after on April 9…that’s a whole lotta retrogrades, especially since Jupiter’s still retrograde, too! What does this mean for those of us here on planet Earth? Join Karmic…See More
Mar 30
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Karmic Evolution's Astrologically Speaking! at Contact Talk Radio

March 16, 2017 from 11am to 12pm
Today we'll be talking about the meaning of Venus retrograde, and the movement of astrological energy from the dominance of dreamy, romantic, fantasy-oriented Pisces into more proactive Aries energy. We'll also tackle how to use the rest of this Venus retro period--energetically in play until April 15--to get in deeper touch with our intuitive creative side...retrogrades are times to turn inward and go deep. What is your soul calling you to create or unleash in the creative realm? It may be far…See More
Mar 16
Show/Event posted by Sheri Horn Hasan - HOST

Conversations About Consciousness at

March 9, 2017 from 6pm to 7pm
Join Sheri Horn Hasan and her guests, Margaret Gray & Armand Diaz of Relationships & Astrology, as they discuss the current Venus retrograde cycle (from now until April 15), and the upcoming Virgo New Moon on March 12! Find out more about how going deep about what your soul truly values is the best way to navigate future relationship waters, and how jettisoning self-criticism at this full moon's time of release best serves your soul as it moves forward toward greater self-love and true…See More
Mar 9
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