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I turn to nature...

When I’m trying to figure out how things work, I turn to nature… Think of a potted plant that just isn’t doing as well as you would like it to. It’s not flowering, and the leaves are looking a little droopy. Digging up and examining the root system will not make the plant thrive – in fact the shock of having its roots exposed will case the plant to wither further. Rather you might move it to a sunnier – or shadier – spot, give it some plant food and make certain it receives the right amount…


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Let it be easy!


Jimmie is an avid listener to my weekly radio show and often calls in with interesting perspectives. The other day she said:  “Going is easy, it’s leaving that’s hard!”

 Her comment catapulted my mind back to my classroom in October 1996 when I was telling my students I was leaving. I found myself tearing up and having challenges talking to them about it - until Matthew asked “If you are so unhappy…


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Finding the language of Light!

Spirit in my body I have no fear because you are hear!

I feel the grace with-in!

And it spreads to my  kin!

The peace in my heart feels like a waves from the ocean

that keeps us free from all emotion,

Spirit stay with me please for this body will be at ease!

Go With-In~Ascension 

Ascend into eternal peace.

Were there is only the language of light,

all around to be found!

Written By,

Janice Marie


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Thought Patterns....

I've been watching this once robust snowman on my street slowly dissolve as our temperatures climbed from -35C to +11C. Soon there will be nothing remaining of the once solid snowman. Your thought patterns can be dissolved in a similar way. Trying to knock them out or push them away is like trying to move a snowman - once formed they just don't budge all that easily. But apply some sunshine and warmer temperatures through compassionate self-talk, and like the snowman, those old…


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Ten minutes. That's it.

Ten minutes. That’s it. I know – you think that is my solution to everything…well, it pretty much is. Ten minutes of focused time, daily, on whatever you want to create in your world will bring about swift and permanent change. It doesn’t seem like much, but try it, now…you are worth it.

Set your timer for 10 minutes, and make a list of the areas of your home or work spaces that are zapping your energy, every time you walk by. The files that need to be put in…


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