March 2015 Blog Posts (5)

SuperWoman kind of day!

Re-entry – from a holiday, or illness, or time off can make you wonder if you’ll ever find your balance point. That’s how I felt this morning. The first two days back from our unexpected Australian trip, I saw clients. Client days are always joyful for me, witnessing the movement of individuals from the “stuck” to creative, positive forward…


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"Please Let Me Out"

This past Friday night I spoke to a group about the human experience. I was so struck by the need participants felt for getting away from their experience.

Unhappiness, upset, bad moments and genuine dislike for oneself can be an incredibly uncomfortable feeling. It is built into our nervous system to move away from that which makes pain. People who can’t feel physical pain end up with all kinds of physical damage. If you can’t feel the heat, you wouldn’t know you were…


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A change in plans...

Airplanes. They feel like fax machines for people. You file in, sit for a period of time, and file out somewhere completely different. Popping out of one “reality” and into another one. Both “realities” continue with or without my presence, and intellectually I know there are any number of other realities I could step into or out of simply with a…


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Believer in Luck?

Luck of the Irish aside, perhaps it is less about luck, and more about Intention... 

"I think luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity and the ability to take advantage of it. The man who can smile at his breaks and grab his chances gets on." - Samuel Goldwyn - 1879-1974, Film Producer…


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Taking my Own Great Advice!

Have you ever given someone you care about great advice – only to have them ignore it and do something else? You KNEW if they’d only listened to you, they would have successfully navigated the challenge and moved forward with ease…why won’t they listen?…


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