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How to Free Your Emotions and Get Out of Pain Now!

Imagine being able to immediately unravel core patterns of illness and disease.  Your emotions and thoughts hold the key to allowing your health to be expressed.  The basis of all living things is pure energy.  Emotions are energy, thoughts are energy, our cells and our DNA is energy.  When we address pain and illness at the energetic level, we can very quickly reverse symptoms and develop optimum health.

With Special Guest: Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Nelson is a holistic…


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Suze Musings: Boundaries & Relatioships


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Effective Confrontation

Effective Confrontation



“An offended friend is harder to win back than a fortified city.

Arguments separate friends like a gate locked with bars” Proverb


Are you afraid to confront? Maybe you are on the opposite end and are too aggressive when it comes to…


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I need help losing weight - diet plans for.

In present day world appearing desirable, youthful and healthy has grown to be increasingly important. For those aged as well as the young population one needs to keep up their young and also beautiful appearance, which can be no easy feat. Regardless of the recent beauty fads in the news, it is always critical to eat healthy not to mention pay special attention to your physique even when its just to be in good shape and also look and feel in perfect shape.…


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Curing the Incurable Illness

Have you been told your disease is "incurable?" You may want to think again. Many practitioners are currently reversing chronic disease states in ways conventional medicine can only mitigate. For chronic illness in children, it is typically parents who are the strongest advocate. Some have even found solutions most doctors are unaware of.

This week, the Thrive Doctors host guests Dan and Sally Roman, parents who have gone to lengths in becoming educated about their child's chronic…


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Suze's Musings


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Suze's Musings

Overwhelm, stretched to the max, running yourself ragged? Whatever is going on for you, however the "busyness" is manifesting in your world, there is one simple solution.



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Energy healing sessions now available!

I've been doing energy healing sessions via phone or Skype for quite a long time now, but recently, I received enough emails from enough folks all at once (Oh, Synchronicity!!!!) asking about this...

...and I realized....not all of you knew I did this work!

Well, I most certainly do... and it's very elegant and effective…

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Join me for SANCTUARY, a new way of creating spiritual community...

Sanctuary begins this Sunday, May 12 at 10 am Pacific. Click to subscribe!

I always loved listening to Garrison Keillor on Sundays... the funny, gentle way he helped us focus on what was good and right and true in Minnesota...and by default, the world. 

While I can't promise you a radio show like his... and I…

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Fruitful Fruits- Foods that should be in the Pharmacy

Check out these 10 Fruits that should be in your Medicine Cabinet... I mean refrigerator. Ha!

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Authentic Leadership

Can leadership be authentic?  Alternatively, are leadership skills acquired by mimic and lessons learned over the years?  Are you an authentic leader? 

Recently I was speaking with a group of wonderful and talented CEO’s and we hit upon the topic of authentic leadership.  In definition – a leadership style is true to you.  Meaning, yes, we may have learned and embraced our leadership style by seeing and learning from our mentors, however authentic leadership is taking…


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Coaching 101 - Finding a coach

Believe it or not today if you do not have a Coach in your corner you are falling behind in business.  That’s right – there is ample evidence and studies that demonstrate those with Coaches are far more likely to succeed in Business and Leadership than those who don’t.  However finding the right Coach can be tricky as they are now a dime a dozen with a variety of…


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Thats so YOU

Need to Captivate an Audience? Create a Look That Boosts Your Confidence

This is a guest post by Ginger Burr, Author of…


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Opinión de los Vinos orgánicos

mejoraralimentacion La agricultura ecológica es un herramienta importante en la estrategia de la integración medioambiental y del desarrollo sostenible, que son los principios fundamentales de la política agrícola común (PAC). Actualmente, los agricultores naturales pueden recibir ayudas a través de pagos directos y medidas de apoyo de los precios. Por otra parte, la agricultura ecológica está plenamente integrada en la política de desarrollo rural y desempeña un papel importante al generar beneficios… Continue

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