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Change Your Mind, Change Your Health, Change Your World

Change Your Mind, Change Your Health, Change Your World

For those who know me and those who have attended my workshops, speaking engagements or experienced the profound healing benefits of CTC during my current career of almost 20years you will know the foundations of my teachings well.


They are the importance of having your energy here in present time, the necessity to be aware of everything you think, say and believe, because it does become…


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Navigating Loss

My 93 year old Dad is a philosopher at heart – I value his perspectives, and have let his wisdom guide me for most of my life (even if I didn’t admit it when I when I was a teenager!) Dad is a retired veterinarian, and World War II veteran. He is deeply pragmatic, practical and stoic, and he frequently says ”No one and nothing gets off this planet…


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BE Beautiful

This past weekend, I attended the Hay House “I Can Do It!” Conference in Edmonton. It was wonderful to be in the company of so many individuals consciously engaged in transformation! There were many wonderful highlights, insights and ahas, and I strongly encourage you to find a way to attend one of these events in the future. I feel so priveleged to be…


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Wow! How do I deal with this physical pain?

 “It’s your head-ache. You created it. So you can “uncreate it”. I remember Bob Proctor saying this at the front of the room nearly twenty years ago. I was sitting in the audience with a headache that had been with me for over a decade. Sometimes it was terrible, and sometimes it was dull – but it never seemed to go away. I was “living” on Tylenol…


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BE-ing Your Own Best Mom!

This will be my first Mother’s Day since my mom passed, and it has me thinking about how I carry forward the positive attributes of my Mom. Everyone’s Mom, yours included, did the best she was able to do at any given point in time – however no one can meet another’s needs completely. Maybe your Mom did a terrific job of meeting your needs, maybe she…


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Could Your Time In The Womb Have Created Your Issues Of Today?

The events, experiences, and emotions we experience before birth have a profound effect on how we emotionally feel throughout the entire course of our lives. Imagine for a moment if you can, what if many of the reasons you feel the fear, limitation, and negative emotions you do all have to do with emotions you took on board from your mother while you were in the womb. It is certainly something to ponder upon, isn’t it?



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