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Suze's Musings

Most of you know - I live in Calgary. And many of you would have heard, my beautiful city was hit with a devastating flood this past week. Over 100,000 people evacuated, 1 in 10 of our community displaced. At nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, "flood" is not really part of our thought pattern - we've had spring run-off flooding from the mountains before, but never like this. Two rivers meet in Calgary, the Bow River and the Elbow River (seriously - I couldn't make…


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NCR Radio gets Visionary Award

We're just back from INATS - the International New Age Trade Show - and delighted to tell you that NCR Radio won the top award for Radio Shows. The award is presented each year by COVR - the Coalition of Visionary Resources, and this was the first year for Radio Shows as a category under Electronic Media. We are so grateful to all the amazing authors and filmmakers whose work we were privileged to explore and share with our listeners.…


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Suze Musings: Unplugged.

Unplugged. Ah – the bliss of it.

The constant information flow, the product of modern technology was designed to make life easier. However I often find it, becomes an incessant demand on my energy, time and available resources. I used to have one day a week that was sacrosanct – completely unplugged, and then that gift eroded as I found myself “trying to catch up” to the increasing load of email, voicemail, facebook. All designed…


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Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show - Saturday June 15, 2013

SHOW             Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show
PLACE            www.contacttalkradio.com
DATE             …

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Ornamentación y mucho tiempo

Los complementos decorativos festivos pueden estar constituidos por todo lo que uno pueda llegar a pensar, no existen una regla obligatoria sobre un estilo. Está directamente relacionado con el gusto y toque particular de cada persona. Se puede cambiar el tono navideño tradicional radicalmente colocando pequeñas ramas de bambú en los rincones de el hogar… Continue

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Criticism Through Love

Criticism Through Love Definition of Criticism:

1. To find fault with: criticized the decision as unrealistic.

2. To judge the…


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Conflict is what you make of it!

Conflict Is What You Make Of It





Life is full of change…change bring conflict...

Change means to “…make or become different… to pass from one state to another” (Oxford Dictionaries).

As early as when we are in our mother’s womb, change enters our life.…


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Suze Musings: "Work Hard!"


"Work hard!"

...the cheerful comment from the greeter at the front desk at the Y today when I checked in.  

I smiled and said "Thank you - I will play full on!"

In the locker room I overheard a woman saying she was "pushing through" ,  …


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Suze's Musings: Indulge in Joy Today

The phone rang on Saturday morning - my daughter's number... I answered "Hi sweetie!" and was greeted with a deep, husky "Hi! Guess where I am?"…

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