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Change . . .

The reflection of the sun coming through the snow on my window Monday morning gave me pause...Saturday night was a balmy 17C (about 63 F), Sunday I woke to a blustery snow day and -10C (about 14 F)...quite the shock when I reached for my winter coat, boots, scarf and gloves...then Monday the sun came out and the world was transformed once again - this time into sparkles - and the reflected design on my wall was…


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Savouring these late fall days

Suze's Musings…


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The old habit....

The old habit of trying to figure out how to solve an uncomfortable situation or event keeps you stuck in un­supportive feelings. Imagine your feelings as the house you live in. When you are in negative situations or en­gaging in actions that lower your energy, it is as if you were living in a small hut with a leaking roof and no heat in the middle…


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Mistakes = Missed Takes

What if mistakes were simply missed takes? Just like when they are making a movie.... Mistakes happen when our thoughts, words, and actions are out of sync with our surroundings. We agreed in our classroom to frame every mistake as a missed take. There was always the op­portunity, just as on a film set, for another take.

Mistakes don't define us; they are an invitation to try again, to get our thoughts…


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Blink of an eye

It happened, in the blink of an eye.  

It was a hot summer afternoon, I went inside to replenish the bevies for the BBqers, returned moments later with the refills.....and it was fall.…


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