October 2015 Blog Posts (6)

The Power of Music

“If you can't fly, you can run, if you can't run you can walk

If you can't walk, you can crawl, that's the beauty of it all

If you can't crawl, you can roll, keep your eyes upon your goal

You have your place in the flock, if you can't roll then you can…


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Be a Spiritual Warrior

How do you know if you are on the right path or even if you need to be  on a different path? Signs of unrest, and disillusionment with your current situation. Sometimes all of a sudden we question the why's or how come's we didn't notice that before situations. That is when you need to sit back, and peel off the layers to find what is at the core of your essence. Try writing down who you are, not what you do. It can be a revealing excercise. Take a  few minutes our of your busy schedule and…


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It is ALL about Community!

I remember feeling very alone and disconnected.

I remember wondering if I was adopted ‘cause I just didn’t “fit” my family.

I remember worrying if I was weird because I was told repeatedly “Nobody thinks like that.”

I remember thinking I…


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Great things!

A local restaurant advertises that good food takes time – and I agree. Attention to detail, care and concern for the ingredients is paramount when preparing a meal.…


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Always an Adventure

Due to technical difficulties, such as, missed recording time, forgotten behind phone, babysitting issues and a guest who had to leave Tammy and I managed to pull together a show about adventures within minutes.  Because life is one big adventure and my adventure will be different than yours. I may rejoice in the fact of locating a missing sock to whittle down the bin of orphans, while you may be sailing the Arctic Ocean in a dingy. Both are rewarding from each of our own perspectives.…


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Giving Thanks

One of my American clients was quite surprised when I mentioned that this weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada. “Why so early?” they asked…well if we are celebrating the harvest, we best do it before the snow flies, and in northern climes that is usually earlier than the end of November!

It seems like everyone is in transition this time of year – whether…


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