December 2016 Blog Posts (8)

Consciousness and Laughing Out 2016

Great use of concrete

Many might be happy to see the end of 2016. And, then again many may have concerns about 2017. There is uncertainty presently rippling out. The unknown can be a powerful mechanism for fear. I know many who would rather hurt than change or are in states of shock and…


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Consciousness and Self Love Flourishes Here

Our journey from within a reality of SELF LOVE can take some time to acclimate to. When one's habit has been to Doubt, it has settled into our bones. It has become part of our sense of stability in our real world. It might take a bit to bring us back to this new centering…


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Joan's Blog: Hitting Bottom

Hitting Bottom ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Sometimes your face has to hit the pavement before you turn around and look up.

Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better.

We're watching a group of people imploding because what they believe is true and real, is not. What they think is powerful, is not. They have no true foundation, so what they are building cannot last.

It's scary to consider they could take the rest of us with them.…


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Consciousness and the Miracles of Self Love

Self Love Energy

We call things or events miracles when something happens unexpected beyond the limits of our human sense of sight and mind sets. In Consciousness there…


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The Role of Love in Service

What’s love got to do with it?

Well, I would argue that it has everything to do with it. What is service without the energy of love…really? What lead you here in the first place? You might recall feeling a sense of being called to contribute – to connect – to help – to make a difference. At the root of that calling is a love of humankind on some level. That’s my opinion. Read on...…


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Spiritual Board of Directors

I was excited to learn about this concept from a participant involved in my research project a few years ago.  Thank you to her for sharing this idea!  It is rooted in a suggestion made by Napolean Hill in Think and Grow Rich where he made reference to his “invisible counsellors.”

The idea is to reflect upon your influences – the people – living or dead, personal relationship or famous figure, and real or fictional characters.  Who would you actively recruit for a…


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Consciousness and the Gauze of Integrity

The last week has been filled with awareness about Integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or the state of being whole and undivided. My moral principles are to offer compassion, kindness and respect to myself and others. You may have something else that rings you chimes.

I also use integrity as being able to hold a matrix, form, which allows for stuff to pass through without loss to the matrix. This gets kind of tricky sometimes with…


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A new perspective on your life

As you live your dream, be willing to see beyond your old perceptions.

Be adaptable. Shift and flow. Be willing to be unusual. Be willing to go within, and work in silence. Be willing to be full of action when you feel inspired. Be willing to be at peace when you 'don't know' Be willing to let things go when they no longer uplift and inspire all you are. Be willing to open yourself to new ways of doing things - and then doing them now, even if you're not sure how it looks. Be…


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