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A Newfound Hope

A Newfound Hope ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC…


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What Do You Really Want? And How Do You Really Make It Happen?

What Do You Really Want? And How Do You Really Make It Happen? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We're into the first weeks of January, New Year's resolutions have been made and broken, visions have been created and forgotten, goals have…


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Creating Moments of Joy

Creating Moments of Joy ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

When I was caring for my mother who had Alzheimer's, I got this book called "Creating Moments of Joy". It specifically focuses on being in the present moment with people with dementia and…


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Consciousness and the Two Quotes

"The masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one."
Adolf Hitler

In writing this column for all these years, the thought that I would start off with a quote from Adolf Hitler surprises me but I can appreciate wisdom no matter the source, and in this case, especially the source in relation to the quote. 

I had not heard this quote before but many in group had heard it long ago. It came across my desk the same week we…

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June Newsletter - Spiritual Wellness


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Consciousness and The Feeling

Did you feel it? Would you notice what you are feeling if you did?

At the end of group as we gathered to close, we felt it. We had felt it individually as we were working. But when we ended in our circle together we felt it again.  We, as One, breathed in unison, and with it came the liberation, the release…


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Polly Wirum - Weekly Energy Forecast ~ May 28th

As many of you know I struggle with how much I actually want to put in writing .. Last week when I mentioned the great potential for protests I saw it as probable terrorist activity .. I didn't want to put that out there .. so I choose the words protest .. please note in the future when I use the words protests .. it could very well be indicating a much stronger situation ..

On a side note .. I am frequently shown a situation / event that will…


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Weekly Radio Show Intuitive Messages with Polly Wirum

Please join Intuitive Polly Wirum on Monday Mornings 11:00 AM Pacific 

Call 844-390-8255 for a FREE Reading during the show!

Are you in need of Guidance? This week we will explore the most prevalent energy that we are co-creating with along with insights on our prevalent energy for the week of May 1st. Polly will share her understanding of the universal messages she receives. 

Polly is an intuitive and an inspired life coach. She also loves to take calls and…


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May Newsletter: Circle of Diviity


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Consciousness and Beyond Numb and Dumb

Most of us think too limited about who we are. We have not been allowed, in our own creativeness, to unfold into our potential. Most of us have been walking around numb and dumb and this is not any longer going to serve us in our new relation with Consciousness.



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Consciousness, Life and The Suffering Survivor

Life. Not everyone is crazy about being alive. Not everyone finds Being in a human form a delight. They question why exist in such a hostile world. They find no comfort being here. They find only pain and suffering. They see only inhumane behavior. They are, the suffering…


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May Newsletter - Sensitivity is Beautiful!

Not long ago I was contacted by someone that felt like they were one of the few sensitive people in our world. They struggle with others treating them differently. At times they get lost in the pain of the world... Believe me, I can relate! But I choose to celebrate our ability to feel. Sensitivity is beautiful.



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Consciousness and Allowing More Light Into Dark

I am 62 years old. Only in the last 15 or so years have I been able to view and experience life differently from the first 50 years. I was very metaphysical and intuitive and had all the clairs of seeing, knowing etc. going strong. I was an empath in tune with others and I was physically dying.

It was not…


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April Newsletter - Healing From The Inside Out

Hello Everyone! 

Recently I scheduled a little retreat for myself at a resort in Arizona. As soon as I arrived I was transported into the land of healing. All of my spiritual, emotional and physical needs could be addressed. Healthy food, energy work and nice accommodations were at my fingertips. I had so many choices of activities, yoga, guided meditation, rock climbing and amazing spa options.…


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Consciousness As Self/Life is a Collaboration

Continuing on our awareness that we are all One and Self is the human interface of Consciousness: What if Consciousness AS Self is really the relationship? Human is just the lense that Consciousness is using to know itself as the individual. My next thoughts lead to if there is no…


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Consciousness and Bits and Pieces Intersecting

In group this last week, Being Present in one's own life, Should, and Help were main themes. It was interesting, their intersections with each other. Since we are all One, clearing energies in these areas of being embodied is enriching to us all. Consciousness evolves through the…


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Consciousness and Random Expansiveness

We are all One, individuals sharing in the spectrum that is Consciousness. What makes us up as individuals is information unique to each of us, as our stories, issues. and experiences. They can be viewed as connected bits of I, patterns of photons of light and biomass, vibrations, frequencies, resonances. Like ticker tapes of continuous flow, bits and pieces of information connected. The ticker tape is filled with existing information but it doesn't have to be linear. You might see it as a…


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Kindness in Service

Value of our contributions cannot be measured in economic terms. And we can all contribute something of value regardless of our status in society. When we appreciate what another person brings to the table, we will grow in our sense of community and in our ability to cherish each other. Read More

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Life is like a new pair of shoes.

Do you ever feel that your life is like walking on the beach in a new pair of ill-fitting high heel shoes? That every step you take is another chance to lose your balance and fall. I often feel that way and yet I find that if I concentrate and take it one step at a time and hold my head up high, I can move forward even if it is only baby steps. I can learn and embrace who I am becoming and more completely enjoy the journey. I know not the final destination but the trip is the…


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Consciousness and the Body and Boat Approaches to Life

So much of what we might do daily has become a habituated response and maybe forgotten is that it can be a moment of enlightenment. If you are holding awareness of the power of your everyday experiences as opportunities, our reality can be changing without us really having…


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