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NCR Radio gets Visionary Award

We're just back from INATS - the International New Age Trade Show - and delighted to tell you that NCR Radio won the top award for Radio Shows. The award is presented each year by COVR - the Coalition of Visionary Resources, and this was the first year for Radio Shows as a category under Electronic Media. We are so grateful to all the amazing authors and filmmakers whose work we were privileged to explore and share with our listeners.…


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Exploring Intersections Between Science, Religion and Meaning-Making

For the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring with our guests the topics of conscious culture creation, technologies of consciousness and pathways to explore the divine in our daily lives.  Along the way we are always touching on the perennial questions of who are we, what is our purpose, how can we become more self-actualized, what’s the potential of our technologies and our spiritual traditions and where can we locate our collective meaning making potential.  Today’s show will take us into…


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Name Energy: The Discovery of Your Authentic Self

Name Energy: The Discovery of Your Authentic Self

"Words Have Power!"



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I Have - Things of Value I Carry with Me

Obviously,  I had issues with what I was and had been attracting, as far as experiences went.   Same ole’ story, over and over and over, and I didn’t especially like it.  Enough is as good as a feast, already. 

I could understand the magnetism of what I was attracting on a Quantum level but honestly, what did Love have to do with it?

Then it hit me, I had chosen to Love the lack of it.  Of all things, me, a visionary, blindsided when it came to Values.   That’s when I…


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I Am - My Self

 ‘What a mess’, I thought, as I looked within, there was conflict and opposition all over the place.   I could understand why I felt at war with myself - Heart in conflict with head; actions in conflict with desires.  What was I, a crash test dummy of inner conflict?


I saw the Light alright. 


The ‘me’ I displayed on the outside, the ‘me’ the World knew, really didn’t accurately express the genuine ‘me’, that was on the inside.  Intimacy was a big issue.  I…


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The World Known Gazing Healer here in Seattle, WA Sept 22nd

The Amazing Man... BRACO   


September 22nd at Center of Spiritual Living  Seattle, WA


I have had the opportunity to be at 3 gazing events with BRACO.  I have had numerous experiences with the…


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I Imagine - Being Out of my Ever Loving Mind

Many books call it Self Awareness.  Since I have issues with what constitutes ‘self’, I’m simply going to say we’re Aware.   We’re aware of existing and, we’re aware of existence.    I Am.  And so are  ‘you’.


We perceive.   We see.


It’s ‘what’ we’re perceiving and seeing I found questionable.  Seriously, how solid is solid matter?  And how can anything be ‘level’ on a round planet?  Exactly how do I draw a straight line on a…


Added by Sue Ann Edwards on July 30, 2011 at 1:56pm — 5 Comments

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