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Kindness in Service

Value of our contributions cannot be measured in economic terms. And we can all contribute something of value regardless of our status in society. When we appreciate what another person brings to the table, we will grow in our sense of community and in our ability to cherish each other. Read More

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Okay I'm Listening...I Just Don't Like What You are Saying...

I don’t know what I was thinking as I planned and entered into a self-scheduled and facilitated mini-retreat. Well, yes, I do. I expected to get still, tune in, and have a clear channel to my intuition – the guidance I felt so desperately in need of – so I could have a clear plan for my next steps. In other words, I had hoped to be for as quickly as possible so I could get back to doing.…


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The Role of Love in Service

What’s love got to do with it?

Well, I would argue that it has everything to do with it. What is service without the energy of love…really? What lead you here in the first place? You might recall feeling a sense of being called to contribute – to connect – to help – to make a difference. At the root of that calling is a love of humankind on some level. That’s my opinion. Read on...…


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Spiritual Board of Directors

I was excited to learn about this concept from a participant involved in my research project a few years ago.  Thank you to her for sharing this idea!  It is rooted in a suggestion made by Napolean Hill in Think and Grow Rich where he made reference to his “invisible counsellors.”

The idea is to reflect upon your influences – the people – living or dead, personal relationship or famous figure, and real or fictional characters.  Who would you actively recruit for a…


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Don’t Just Survive ~ Thrive in a Toxic Workplace ~ Part Two

Picking up from where we left off last week, here are some more strategies to help you really build momentum with self-care and self-expression within challenging work environments.


Create Safe Sounding Boards

What will it take to support each other in the ways we would offer support to someone accessing our services?

From a place of personal responsibility, begin to develop your resources. Find people…


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Don’t Just Survive ~ Thrive in a Toxic Workplace ~ Part One

What will it take for us to stop hurting each other and ourselves in the workplace?

If you are a helping professional, you have likely experienced the toxic work environment – maybe, you’re in one right now. You know – high workload demands, lack of time and funding, too much paperwork, disgruntled colleagues, waiting lists, and hard to please supervisors. And we haven’t even touched on the often traumatizing and painful stories that you witness in…


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Resonance and Resistance ~ Part Two

Learning through Resonance and Resistance

I like to think about resonance and resistance as key indicators for my own personal growth that challenge me in my ability to stay present and engaged with others. As a helping professional, there may be many times that you feel resonance with someone you are working with or alternatively, resistance to what someone else is saying or doing. Maintaining awareness about your level…


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Resonance and Resistance ~ Part One

Resonance and Resistance – two internal responses that I have found to be so useful in the process of not only hearing my intuition, but also trusting and following it. One often feels more fun than the other!

In this first part, we’ll explore these responses and how we might experience each in terms of our feelings and physical sensations.


What does it mean to have something resonate for you? How do you define that…


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Enough About the Gaps – What About the Bounty?

How can we work to transform health care and human services systems?

What seems to be missing from our systems to take them to the next level of efficiency and high quality service in our communities?

Questions like these tend to get us focused on what is missing – things like adequate funding, more resources, streamlined practices, and more effective approaches.

With all the talk about strengths based practice, capacity building, resiliency and…


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