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We Want YOU! Become a Bigot NOW!


This one will be a little slippery for sure… but yeah, you heard me right!  Become a bigot now!!  Show your solidarity!  Show your pride!  Let the world know… that you are above reproach!  Get your swagger on with puffed up trumpeters sounding out to make way for the king… queen… prince… princess of “I’m better than you…


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Presented By The CTR Network

Slippery Rock's and Patrón

Let’s just call it what it is… I don't fit in!  I’m not “in” enough to be a part of the “in crowd”; I’m not scandalous enough to fit in with the “cool crowd”; I’m not Christian enough to be a part of a bible study; I don’t take drugs, I don’t drink (not because I wouldn’t like to have a…


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What does it take to create, have and nurture a loving harmonious community?

This has been a burning question of mine for years. So often I've seen in EVERY gathering of people (even those with common goals and interests) fall out due to an incongruity in thought, idea or belief. Where negotiation and compromise are rarely used and the push/pull of I'm right, you're wrong begins.

I deeply want to prove that old paradigm wrong (because of course... I'm right :> ).

I believe we all have the capacity to love, nurture and respect one another… Continue

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Looking for work or for people to help with your business???

I was just turned on to this great website. It's called Elance. It is an Outsourcing to Freelance professional services.

Whether you're looking for work or looking to hire someone for a specific job this is a great resource.

If You're an Professional Looking for Work:

Elance tools help you build your profile quickly and highlight your experience and

performance to help you market your… Continue

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