Many people are going through a spiritual awakening right now. It’s like consciousness, going viral.

Yet while awakening sounds so exciting, when you’re suddenly in communication with guides, angels, the departed — it’s not easy to integrate that experience into your perceived reality.

If this is happening to you, understand that the road to awakening extends perfectly, and contains all the time you need to shift, change and transform your consciousness.

In my own situation, it took a full eight years from the time of my near death experience to my full spiritual awakening when I received and wrote The 33 Lessons. I was reluctant, very determined to hang onto the idea that I could control things. It took a lot of heartache until I could finally let go of those ideas. Even now, years later, I am still opening, deepening, growing.

There are two pathways to spiritual awakening: one is spiritual, and the other is psychic. The funny thing is, both paths journey exactly the same road — just traveled from opposite directions.

Let’s say you’re a guru, a holy saint or mystic deep in spiritual practice. You pray, you do rituals, you sit in mediation and connect deeply to the now. In everything you do, your focus is your spiritual development.

And yet, over time, as you sit on your prayer rug and expand your consciousness, something happens. You become psychic, simply because your consciousness has shifted — and this is what happens when our consciousness shifts.

Now, let’s say you’re walking the other road — you’re a person deeply intrigued by the possibility of becoming psychic. You train with the highest level teachers, you take workshops, you practice your skills. And as you follow this practice over time, you experience a consciousness shift that transforms you into spiritual being.

No matter if you are taking the first step upon the road to spiritual awakening or are well on the path, trust that it is the ultimate life journey, the reason we’re here.

If you want to find out more about how to open your own spiritual intuition, you'll find great resources in my books and audio courses.

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