Be the Tree and Embrace the Secrets of Acceptance and Flow

Be the Tree: A Meditation on what the Oak Tree knows.

We can learn a lot from nature. This week, April 16th, the angel oracle spoke of vibrating with the beauty of nature. Often that means that we open our eyes to the colors and sensations of our natural world and breathe in its beauty. But what if we were to do more. To truly investigate the experience of being a tree? What do you think we would discover?

From the "mouth" of the mighty oak I discovered the secret of longevity and acceptance - the secret of being in flow with all that is - the secret that could change our lives. It is a simple concept yet it shocked me at the same time. The secret to being the tree?

Embrace "impermanence." The oak tree seeks that change that is brought on like the wind. The cycle of irregularity comforts him because of a deep and abiding faith in the cycle of life. The ever changing landscape is his home, bringing the experience of life to him each day. Nothing is ever the same. Change is inevitable. We have only to look to the stars and embrace the constant motion of the shifting planets to understand the motion of life. The oak tree is one with the stars - trusting in the presence of a oneness within the universe.

For the Oak Tree, there is no concept of death, only change. That which we embrace cannot stay forever - like the leaves that change with the seasons, and the nest of wrens that empty when the chicks fly away.

The Oak Tree knows that to withstand the ever present shifts. it must seek out good soil and extend its roots into the Earth. It is these roots that "hear" the call of the soil and help the Oak Tree to maintain its center. It never questions what it is and always takes the time it needs to make its stand.

So today, ask can you Be the Tree in your own life? How can you embrace what the Oak Tree knows, that life is an ever changing series of cycles - full of the impermanence that makes up the shifting winds of time?

We were never meant to be the same - unchanging like a scene from a picture book.

We were created to move forward, flowing and accepting with grace and dignity the relentless shifts in the celestial clock of time. Be the Tree today and smile with the blessing of new opportunities coming to your door. And when they arrive, welcome them with open arms.

May your day be anchored in love and blessings of an abundant universe. <3


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