Don’t Just Survive ~ Thrive in a Toxic Workplace ~ Part Two

Picking up from where we left off last week, here are some more strategies to help you really build momentum with self-care and self-expression within challenging work environments.


Create Safe Sounding Boards

What will it take to support each other in the ways we would offer support to someone accessing our services?

From a place of personal responsibility, begin to develop your resources. Find people within the organization and outside who can serve as a safe sounding board for you. Most of us do well to talk things through especially with someone who can relate to our experience. Sometimes, you might need to simply vent – hearing ourselves speak out loud can be a powerful way to manage the emotional labour involved in our work and to reveal our next steps.

When I say safe, I mean a few things. A safe sounding board is someone with whom you have developed a sense of trust and connection. You are comfortable and know that your information will be treated as precious material – kept in confidence with honour for your privacy. You also know that this person will hear you out without judgement.

You don’t have to censor or edit yourself; you can just let it rip! And finally, and a key element of the safe sounding board – this person will not jump on your bandwagon and egg you on with your plans to let someone else have it – they won’t bash the other person involved adding fuel to the fire. Nope! This safe sounding board will eventually help you to round the corner back to a place where you begin to forgive, let go, make decisions about what you need to do to resolve the situation. Your safe sounding board sees you as complete, whole and capable as well as human.

Be a safe sounding board for others.


Contribute what you feel is missing

What will it take for us to start the process? Don’t wait for someone else to do it?

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