Evolving Artificial Intelligence! will it replace Human Intelligence

Did you knew about the Emerging Artificial Intelligence? Its going to shape the future of our Collective intelligence.

Two months back I sat for the lecture of Dr. Scott Lee (professor of Endocrinology, Linda University. United states) explaining his crews invention on Artificial pancreas which could achieve the target Hb1Ac of 6.9 mg/dl which is one of the greatest achievement compared to other primitive models of artificial pancreas which could not make Hb1Ac below 7 mg/dl. The wonder in this subject is how the artificial pancreas brings the glucose down? You might have have heard of intellectual intelligence, Emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence. Artificial intelligence is far beyond what we actually know about it. You might have thought robots won't reach to the reasoning of human beings. Participating in the polls of Telegraph UK today , I was stunned to see about 76% actually dint worried about losing their job when Bank of England's, Chief economist stated about half of the British jobs will be replaced by robots in the next 20 years, and that's not so far. Estimating about 15 million jobs. Currently, South korea, Japan and Germany have replaced 347, 339 and 261 jobs per 1000 Jobs with robots respectively. There are others nations which has appointed robots to replace human being for accurate as efficient productvity.This is indeed an insecurity to manpower.

So why did I said Artificial intelligence is a matter of insecurity to human intelligence? Artificial intelligence is not the old thing which we used to believe like a machine that works based on the programmed datas. That era is near to its exintinction. This is a new age of artificial intelligence that can effectively compete and challenge human intelligence. 'Machine learning ' is a marvellous product of human intellect that has made robots to effectively and accurately learn the universe and human body based on the observed algorithmic datas and results directly from the nature. So what is the machine learning? How has it brought a big renaissance in the Artificial intelligence? The artificial pancreas is one of the simplest example for this intelligence. Type 1 Diabetes is a condition where pancreas has lost its innate ability to release insulin from beta cells due to the antibodies like anti islet cell antibodies and Anti GAD 65 attacking its own cells.As a result insulin is not naturally produced in response to rising glucose levels in bood. When pancreas fails, glucose in the blood rises and injures vessels, nerves and major organs. Artificial pancreas studies your basal insulin secretion and glucose levels simultaneously over time and start pumping appropiate insulin to your subcutaneous fat in response to your glucose levels.So a person can never get a hypoglycemic complication like you see in manual injection of insulin.

Machine learning is very precise and accurate unlike human learning. At times humans can be, but we are subjected to constant fluctuations because of the influence of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. This artificial intelligence of machine learning has now replaced the old programmes machines and humans as well in astrophysics, Geo engineering, genetics, biology, Medical science and the very basic human psychology. The ability to measure and study the humans and universe accurately and responding back precisely to balance the systems is indeed a great achievement but at the same time the very same intelligence will start to act and think like humans some times even more wiser . Machine learning learns nature as such without distortions and work in the same way as the nature does. It is a process of deep learning in other words.This is what indeed a human cannot do, because human loves to violate natural laws. Machine learning are just like trustworthy slaves of nature. I would say machine learning is 'accepting the reality as it is' just like the sincere believers of God. Fuzzy logics, Astro ML,Tensor flow, H2O, weka, Encog are a few of the machine learning programs.

And do you expect in this capitalist economy, the industrialists and top of the pyramids will keep humans out there when they get precise machines that can work several times productive than you are, accurate and precise, efficient and cheap and that can do multiple tasks at the same time which can boost the monetary income in a way that we cannot expect in short span of time.

But they should have predicted that one day, artificial intelligence of machine learning will evolve in their learning and perception giving birth to a free will, once an unexpected interruption is incorporated.They will become indistinguishable from humans walking among us. And that will be a point where this science fiction is no more a fiction. People with a inner vision of Machine learning can really appreciate this prediction.

The twisting point in the future is like a Man who became ungrateful to his creator. And one day Artificial intelligence will become ungrateful to their creator. Humans will then realize about the evolving artificial intelligence when a set of energy start learning outer reality as such with the perfect accuracy. This is a point where materialist mind starts to realize the infinite energy that exist beyond the reach of their mind that exist in this universe. And they will realize it better than any spiritualist and religious thesisist" This truth is indeed very hard to digest at the moment for many except for the few.

In sum, Human intelligence is marvellous but we don't deeply realize it. We need this Artificial intelligence to understand this universe to reach submissiveness rather than dominance and power. Machine learning is awesome. But the Human consciousness is uncomparable.

Dr.Fahad Basheer

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Comment by Scarlett Coretta on February 15, 2017 at 9:52pm

Thank you for interesting article!

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