Join me for SANCTUARY, a new way of creating spiritual community...

Sanctuary begins this Sunday, May 12 at 10 am Pacific. Click to subscribe!

I always loved listening to Garrison Keillor on Sundays... the funny, gentle way he helped us focus on what was good and right and true in Minnesota...and by default, the world. 

While I can't promise you a radio show like his... and I certainly can't speak to life as a Minnesota church lady... I can share my own non-denominational, all-are-welcome, one-soul-together view of what it's like to live and breathe Divine connection every day....

We'll debut this Sunday, May 12... and I hope you'll be there with me.

SANCTUARY is a healing show, where we'll take live callers, answer emails and prayer requests, read sacred texts and inspirational poetry, and sometimes visit with illuminating guests. Most shows will include a live energy healing, meditation, or opportunity for Divine download. With over 108,000 subscribers already on board, I'm excited to support our growing spiritual community!

SANCTUARY will also play music....and much of it from extraordinarily gifted artists we'll discover together on the show, as well as healing pieces from Martyrs of Sound.  I'm so grateful that the new age music community has chosen to support this show, by sending along blissful, gorgeous music for meditation, reflection and prayer.

You might think of SANCTUARY as new church, sacred space, your own personal Sunday healing, a new way to connect to spiritual community... it will be all this, and more.

Please, call in live to the show at 877.230.3062 with your prayers and requests. You can also send your questions and requests to the Ask Sara Blog.

Of always, the Ask Sara IMMERSION show continues on Fridays at 11 am PT. Now in its second year, this is a teaching show, where we're taking live callers, answering your emails to the Ask Sara Blog, and talking about psychic development, spiritual awakening, energy healing, and you as a Divine being.

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