May Newsletter - Sensitivity is Beautiful!

Not long ago I was contacted by someone that felt like they were one of the few sensitive people in our world. They struggle with others treating them differently. At times they get lost in the pain of the world... Believe me, I can relate! But I choose to celebrate our ability to feel. Sensitivity is beautiful.

I believe sensitivity makes us aware and connected. It allows compassion to guide us in this life. One of the wonderful pieces of sensitivity is how it connects us to the moment. Imagine being so aware that you actually stop and connect to what is around you. You just might find things at this moment are perfect...

Sensitivity can also guide you to peace. Experiencing life with heightened sensitivity is one of the joys of living. Being receptive to the energy around you invigorates your energy field, making it vibrant and healthy!

"Experiencing life with heightened sensitivity is one of the joys of living"

Sensitivity is also a tool. Let it direct you away from what doesn’t feel good. This is why we have the ability to feel. It’s a gift to help you create your ideal life.
The more you use it, the better your world becomes.

One of the challenges that comes with being sensitive, is not allowing fear to reroute or diminish your ability to feel. If you have a bad experience, just acknowledge it and keep the lesson. Don’t hold on to the bad feelings and let fear dictate your choices. To live in this world as a sensitive person takes courage! You feel not just your own experiences but those of others as well. You are so much more aware of our possibilities. You have the ability to make decisions not just how it feels to you, but how it will affect others.

Don’t change yourself to fit into a small world. Expand and allow your true expression to create a vibrant healthy world. Humanity needs compassion and awareness. Imagine if our world leaders allowed sensitivity to guide them instead of fear. We would be free of wars, borders and fear. We are blessed at this time with many sensitive people joining us on Earth. They are courageous and living life to the fullest. Let us all celebrate sensitivity however it appears in our life.


A Channeled Message For You!

Please read the message below as though it is coming 
from a higher source.....these are not Polly's words. 

An additional note about channeled words....
When I receive messages to share in my newsletters, it comes out really fast.  
The words almost flow on top of each other.  I go back and edit and 
try to clarify it so others can understand the message I receive.  
I believe it’s more important to connect with the way you feel
with the words, and then try to understand them.  
Although these are challenging concepts to understand! 
Ask your Angels and guides to help you maintain a balance when increasing your sensitivity. We can help you adjust to the higher vibrations of the energy around you. The word balance comes to mind when speaking of sensitivity. To live a life of awareness is allowing balance to flow into your life. 

You become aware of your connection to all. We can guide you into a life free of judgment and pain. Many people struggle with letting go of fear and the idea of lack. This is why sensitivity was created. When you step out of limited awareness you are guided to help create a shift in the universal consciousness. 

Think small in terms of this change. It requires nothing more of you then to live in the moment. Breath and check in with how you feel. Do you feel connected with those around you? Ask to connect to the higher vibrational energy.

Be courageous and share this expanded version of you. You will soon experience new possibilities, new friends and an entirely new world. You will begin to attract what feels good to you. Remember to separate sensitivity from the fear. They are completely different things. One will expand your world view. One will diminish your perceived potential. It’s all about letting go of the fear and celebrating the ability to always be guided into new frequencies.

Join me in honoring sensitivity as a guiding force in our spiritual development.

Much love, Polly 

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