Name Energy: The Discovery of Your Authentic Self

Name Energy: The Discovery of Your Authentic Self

"Words Have Power!"

That phrase has been uttered time and again but often with little understanding. In the spiritual field of vibrational science, word power is a creative force! To "speak" a thing gives the letters the power of motion. The force of a word to manifest is based on the vibrations of the individual letters, the repeated repetition in sound to the universe, and the power of the intent of the speaker. The Ancient Hebrew bible writers understood this notion of the power of words and were so frightened of their misuse, they removed the vowels from the spelling of the name of God so that His holy name could not be used for harm.

The power of your birth name carries a similar but different impact on your life. Your birth name is no accident! It is in direct alignment with your path on the Kabbalah "tree of life." It is also represented in your astrological chart. Here's how it works..

1) Your first name aligns with the astrological sign of your ascendant. This is the personality you show to the world. Example:  "Judy" reflects the energy of her ascendant "Cancer." Together they energize  (Sabian 68) "Aroused strikers surround a factory." This shows Judy as someone who must learn to  speak up for herself so that she can learn to speak up for others! As the (68) is a higher vibration of the (14) major arcana card Temperance, she must balance her needs and desires for personal freedom (5) against the need and desires of others who ask for her help. As a Cancer, Judy will reflect the temperament to hold her emotions inside until she blows or retreats back into her shell.  Balance of self expression and discovering the meaning of personal freedom will be two of her life lessons.

2) Your middle name aligns with the astrological sign of the moon. These are the hidden passions and desires we keep to ourselves. They are the secret motivations of the heart! So it's no wonder so many people hide or abbreviate this name energy from the public!

3) Your last name aligns with the astrological sign of the sun.  It represents your foundational beliefs - what you "stand" for in life. These are your family roots and represent the family "DNA" that you have inherited. It is the most karmic part of your name and has the greatest influence on your life path lessons. For women, who choose to take the name of their husband, it can change your life for better or for worse.

A perfect example of your birth name and numeric life path coming together is Martin Luther King, Jr. Both his name and his birthday reflect his life experiences and destiny. If you'd like to know more about your name, click on  AskKimberlyAnne and then on KimberlyAnne- Confections on the site and send me your name request. Please allow up to a week for a response as all name energy evaluations are done by hand by me! There are no machine generated reports! Enjoy the discovery of your authentic self.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Martin" Luther King Jr. : Global "Educator" - "Ambassador" of Peace.
His name rings across the halls of justice in every corner of our nation. What made his name so powerful?

In name energy, a first name reflects the energy of your ascendant in your astrology chart which is your personality. As "Martin", Sabian (30), his focus was always on family- "a duck pond and its brood." Under the influence of the Hermit life path, archetypal ruler of house 9 in the zodiac, that family incorporated a nation!

"Martin" energy fixes on the need to "solve it." As the (30) energy represents house 7 of the zodiac, home of relationships, his focus in life was trained in this arena. His "radical" ideas of equality fought against the treasury and "greed" of "slavery" upon which our nation had been founded. His goal: establish a new relationship with each other where we can "be open" to the "birth" of a new nation in which the "stubborn/bad habits" of racism were scourged. Not to embrace the new philosophy of equality was a "crime" against humanity. As "Martin" he offered the "audacity" of hope for a better life and was a "savior" to those who could not speak (vote) for themselves.

Your family name matters!
The "King" in Martin Luther King represents the Sun sign of your birth. As a Capricorn sun sign, his family name honors the birth of another Capricorn King, Jesus Christ, born on the 25th of December. He was destined to follow a path of religious enlightenment through non-violent means and share the cross of Jesus in the violent death of assassination.
Martin Luther King "Jr" : "Awakener" to the "Imbalance" of Discrimination
What's in a name? The truth of your authentic self. In the case of Martin Luther King, Jr., the revelation of destiny is found not in the root names of his birth, but in the appellation of the word "junior."

As Martin Luther King, his name was an expression of the (83): a font of "spiritual strength" with "delegated authority" by the masses to propose a new concept - "let bygones be bygones." His (83) asked us to walk the "path of least resistance" as exemplified by the quiet strength of the sit-ins he led. His motto to "think first - act second" was a calling card to peace.

But these words could have been applied to his father, the originator of the name, so it is in the "junior" where we see his greatest impact on the world.

"Junior" is a (33) energy. It matches the Sabian "natural steps up to a lawn blooming with clover." As "junior", Martin Luther King was given the authority as one of "the elect" to take the natural steps needed to follow his "destiny." (The (33) rules the house of career, house 10 of the zodiac.) As a "gifted/educator", he saw the "reward" in the "renewal" of relationships between races and fought to "call a truce" to the war of hate against the brotherhood of man. In his role as "awakener" and "educator" to the masses, he combined the values of a "priest" of "Jehovah" and the philosophy of the "buddhist" masters by demonstrating how to "resolve" the "tension" of inequality through non-violent means.

As a (33) he enlightened us - reminding us to "move away" from the "nonsense" of "imbalance" in race relationships. A "decrease" in the "quality" of a man's life affects the "quality" of life for all. Martin Luther King "Junior", asked us to "believe" in the "blessing" of equality and emboldened multi-racial "comrades" of faith to walk together and show a "new love" to all.

Martin Luther King, Jr: A "Soldier" of "Liberty"

Martin Luther King Jr walked the life path of the Hermit (37). As a 37/10/1, (1/15/1929) his destiny was to assist humanity (astrological house 9) by demonstrating the wisdom of a new philosophy, steeped in the religious foundations of his upbringing. In his role as the Hermit, he was the perfect Sagittarian teacher. With the influence of Jupiter behind him, he was destined to see great expansion of his beliefs in the world.

The Sabian Symbol of the (37) is "the woman of Samaria comes to draw water from Jacob's well." Martin Luther King Jr. expressed that same energy of the "Good Samaritan" of whom Jesus spoke. His passion, to embrace equality and live in a color-blind world, was exemplified in his life work as both whites and blacks came together to "drink from his well of peace."

The word energy match of the (37) shows him to be a man of "selflessness", a "sincere/objective/vehicle" of "patience" and "humbleness." He was destined to find "conflict" as his "theory" of a color-blind nation initiated a "campaign" against the "extremes" of the "snobbery" of racism. His "guidance" electrified a nation.

P.S. Amazing but true! Name Energy and Astrology working hand in hand.....
"Martin Luther King, Jr" (93) was properly named. His name is a match to his destiny marker- "North Node in Taurus- House 1!" (93) That position in his chart is an exact match to the words "Sagittarius the Teacher" - a clearly inspired match to his life path based on the date of his birth.

P.P.S. More amazing but true! MLK Jr. had his moon in Pisces, house 11. His soul urge and heart's passion emulated the model Jesus left for us. How is this seen? The (11) is the word number of "Jesus," while the Piscean fish symbolized Jesus "magically" feeding hundreds from just a few fish. What a reference to MLK Jr,, a preacher, who walked the life path of the (1) as the Magician/ High Priest, and fed millions with his message of equality.  Martin never hid his middle name, which demonstrated his commitment to his heart's urge to be a messenger of God to the world!

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