Resonance and Resistance – two internal responses that I have found to be so useful in the process of not only hearing my intuition, but also trusting and following it. One often feels more fun than the other!

In this first part, we’ll explore these responses and how we might experience each in terms of our feelings and physical sensations.


What does it mean to have something resonate for you? How do you define that personally? You might not even like the word – it is used a great deal today and that can sometimes make us sick of hearing it!

Resonance could also be referred to as reverberating, vibrating, echoing, resounding, ringing – as in “this rings a bell” or “this rings true for me.” When something resonates with us it has an effect on us and it feels familiar.

Something that rings true to us is easy to fit in to our existing frame of reference. It might help us expand our thinking through a process of validation or through creating a space where we are suddenly able to name something or identify a feeling more clearly – one that was always there.

When we resonate with someone or something, we feeling attuned to that person or situation. We know it inside of our hearts and souls.

We can also expect to experience this same kind of familiarity and knowing when we are tuned into our intuition because that is what intuition feels like. 

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