Learning through Resonance and Resistance

I like to think about resonance and resistance as key indicators for my own personal growth that challenge me in my ability to stay present and engaged with others. As a helping professional, there may be many times that you feel resonance with someone you are working with or alternatively, resistance to what someone else is saying or doing. Maintaining awareness about your level of resonance or resistance can help you to come back to the moment and to your role in that moment – and provide you with the opportunity for reflection later if something arises that when explored, could lead you to deeper levels of self-connection.

When you are exposed to new or different ideas, resonance and resistance can be very helpful guideposts. When something resonates with you, you are more likely to feel engaged, interested and curious to know more. It will feel exciting and you may experience a sense of validation.

Resistance doesn’t always feel so exciting. You might notice greater levels of frustration and irritation. You might lose focus, disconnect or even become defensive because the information just doesn’t sit with you. There is something here for you.

It is not about changing your mind or accepting the unacceptable. It is about challenging your mind and practicing curiosity, willingness, and non-judgement. Your capacity for critical thinking and creativity will be exercised at these times. And sometimes, resistance is there to guide us back to the path of resonance – just telling us where not to go.

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