I was excited to learn about this concept from a participant involved in my research project a few years ago.  Thank you to her for sharing this idea!  It is rooted in a suggestion made by Napolean Hill in Think and Grow Rich where he made reference to his “invisible counsellors.”

The idea is to reflect upon your influences – the people – living or dead, personal relationship or famous figure, and real or fictional characters.  Who would you actively recruit for a seat on your board of directors?  Think of this board as the group you rely upon for guidance, for wisdom, for support, for encouragement, and for direction as you navigate your life’s path.  This group is there for you to access when you are faced with challenges, decisions, ethical dilemmas, and choices.  You might consult your board of directors daily to assist you in setting the tone and intention for your day.

Consider the following:

  • Who do you admire?
  • What qualities does this person/character embody?
  • How do you imagine they might behave in your “shoes?”

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