The World Known Gazing Healer here in Seattle, WA Sept 22nd

The Amazing Man... BRACO   


September 22nd at Center of Spiritual Living  Seattle, WA


I have had the opportunity to be at 3 gazing events with BRACO.  I have had numerous experiences with the Divine Mothers ... Amma, Sri Karunamayi, and Mother Meera.  I put BRACO in this group because the Divine Energy flows through him while gazing to all the people who attend the event which in turn has healed thousands of people world wide.  My experiences have been very healing as well.  My long term digestive problems are healed, my resentment and anger are no longer a part of my life, my relationships have flourished and much more. 


What I want to do is give you a chance to read or perhaps come to the Gazing Event September 22nd at the Center of Spiritual Living Church on Sandpoint Wy NE in Seattle.  You can find information at  . 

There are newsclips at the bottom



Here is a newsclip from in Colorado

You have never met anyone like Braco. His gentle spirit and kind heart are immediately evident when he walks into a room. He says nothing at all yet transmits pure, healing love through his eyes to those who stand before him. As he slowly focuses his gaze upon one person and then another until he has covered the entire room, those who are receiving his love might be moved to tears or expressions of great joy or be visibly shaken to the core by the experience.

And there's more. Countless numbers of people report having been healed of a variety of physical and emotional illnesses from nothing more than the gaze of Braco. In fact, there are hundreds of accounts of these miraculous healings that have been medically documented. Some have even been healed at a distance when a loved one held their photograph before the eyes of Braco.

Braco doesn't call himself a healer, guru, preacher or saint. He is a simple family man who has somehow become a channel for divine healing energy and has decided to share it with the world. He accepts no money for this work and believes that the healing power comes through him but not from him.

For the past year Braco has been traveling to various locations in the United States with the help of a group of friends and volunteers called the Braco America Team. He has done gazings in Hawaii, Portland, Las Vegas and LA, among other cities. He previously visited Denver in March of this year where 8,500 people participated in the event - one of his most successful appearances in this country. And now Braco returns to this area again to offer Colorado his remarkable gift.

I was fortunate enough to attend a local screening of a documentary that described Braco's history and included many testimonials for his healing power. One woman was interviewed who had a complete remission of brain cancer from which she was expected to die in a few weeks. A woman in the audience who had seen Braco last March reported that after attending the event her chronic arthritis pain disappeared completely and has not returned. She said she had felt that her entire body was being restructured as Braco gazed out upon the room.

There is no other explanation for these events than the description Braco himself has offered - somehow the dynamic healing power of Divine Love flows through him to others. The experience seems to differ for each participant, according to what is needed for that person's spiritual path. But, undoubtedly, Braco's presence must be felt in order to be understood.

As the world faces political, economical, social and environmental crises, there is no question that healing is needed in every arena. Perhaps Braco's gift will provide an answer to some of the suffering we encounter every day. Perhaps the healing of some of us will spark the transformation of many and help salvage our life on this planet.

If you would like to attend a Braco gazing session, the events are open to anyone 18 and over (except women who are more that 3 months pregnant - the intense energy of the experience is not recommended during pregnancy.) Details are provided below or see the Braco America website for more informaiton


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