What does it take to create, have and nurture a loving harmonious community?

This has been a burning question of mine for years. So often I've seen in EVERY gathering of people (even those with common goals and interests) fall out due to an incongruity in thought, idea or belief. Where negotiation and compromise are rarely used and the push/pull of I'm right, you're wrong begins.

I deeply want to prove that old paradigm wrong (because of course... I'm right :> ).

I believe we all have the capacity to love, nurture and respect one another regardless of differences of opinions and beliefs. It's the concept of "agree to disagree".

If we share a common value. Respect for life... kindness, love and communication versus indifference, hatred and close mindedness... than that in itself is a huge start.

I envision a world where people naturally give a hand to someone when they have fallen. I'm not talking charity (although that could be part of it)... I'm talking about a smile that could make someones day. Giving someone a break and letting them merge into traffic... Holding the door for a stranger... Finding a way to come to a common ground with your Mother, Brother, Boss, Employees, Neighbor, Children. Things that nurture the core of humanity start with us and how we respond vs. react.

This network is laying a challenge or better yet... an opportunity to have a respectful community based on celebrating our similarities, and honoring our differences without diminishing who we are or endangering our beliefs.

I invite you to share with me what you feel community is and why it thrives and why it falls apart.

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